Take Advantage of Your Entire Venue For Photo Opportunities

Let's face it, your venue was one of the most expensive lines in your budget. It is only right that you completely capitalize on the investment. In this blog post, I want to talk about how to scout the possibility with in the venue you choice and what to avoid as well. It is important to look for bright spaces, outdoor areas with vibrant flowers or a feature like a fire pit as seen in the photos in this blog. This bride, Danielle S. of Atlanta GA, did just that. She utilize the Helopad on the rooftop of her venue (Ventannas, Atlanta Ga), fire pit and the windows inside the venue. It is equally important to avoid areas that contain eye sores. This could be traffic in the background, wet floor signs or an imperfection of the venue. It is my observation that If the perfects spots are utilized and imperfect spots avoided you will have a better photo reel and better photobook to look back on.

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