The Perfect Farewell

When a bride makes a special request we rely on creativity to accomplish it. Time is always of the essence when celebrating a wedding. Which means, there may be a need to take care of two precious moments at once. On this day, our bride wanted to have a photo on the terrace that overlooked the reception space. at her venue I knew that it may be challenging to pull the bride and groom away from the celebration so I began to think of ways to incorporate two moments in one. Then, the light bulb flick on and I decided to have the couple say a unique farewell from the terrace. This worked perfectly for this brunch wedding where a sparkler exit was omitted because there was still sunlight. All in all, our bride was happy and the photos turned out great!


Gender Reveals Are Everything!

Gender reveals are a fairly new trend, but are not going anywhere any time soon. The excitement or let down of finding out the sex of an unborn child has proved to be a great reason for families to get together. There are so many unique ways to announce the sex. There have been balloons, cakes, paint and even tinted fire extinguisher clouds. The most fun part of this is tailoring the reveal to the couple. Star wars fans have pulled a sword out of a rock with the light color indicating the sex. I have also seen a police officer couple having to find clues that lead them to the reveal. It seems to be a test of who can come up with the most unique way to say "Boy or Girl".

How To Plan The Perfect Girls Trip!

Time with other like minded women is important. It is our time to uplift one another and even hold each other accountable. The first step in planning this type of get together is getting the trip on each others agendas. Lets face it, successful women are most likely busy. 

 After the date is picked and everyone is free, then you begin to plan. Here we went to a horseback riding ranch. Chosen because it was educational and taught us a new skill. 


We headed to the country in style in a Mercedes Benz sprinter which made the day even more special. It allowed us to talk and connect on the ride there. After the trip, we we toasted to the event being successful and planned for another. In the mist of planning I made sure to have had great communication with the ranch to make sure funds were squared away and hired a videographer.  Having photography and videography is important for keepsakes and content for future trips. Making sure to do all of these things will ensure a great girls trip!

Take Advantage of Your Entire Venue For Photo Opportunities

Let's face it, your venue was one of the most expensive lines in your budget. It is only right that you completely capitalize on the investment. In this blog post, I want to talk about how to scout the possibility with in the venue you choice and what to avoid as well. It is important to look for bright spaces, outdoor areas with vibrant flowers or a feature like a fire pit as seen in the photos in this blog. This bride, Danielle S. of Atlanta GA, did just that. She utilize the Helopad on the rooftop of her venue (Ventannas, Atlanta Ga), fire pit and the windows inside the venue. It is equally important to avoid areas that contain eye sores. This could be traffic in the background, wet floor signs or an imperfection of the venue. It is my observation that If the perfects spots are utilized and imperfect spots avoided you will have a better photo reel and better photobook to look back on.

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