How To Plan The Perfect Girls Trip!

Time with other like minded women is important. It is our time to uplift one another and even hold each other accountable. The first step in planning this type of get together is getting the trip on each others agendas. Lets face it, successful women are most likely busy. 

 After the date is picked and everyone is free, then you begin to plan. Here we went to a horseback riding ranch. Chosen because it was educational and taught us a new skill. 


We headed to the country in style in a Mercedes Benz sprinter which made the day even more special. It allowed us to talk and connect on the ride there. After the trip, we we toasted to the event being successful and planned for another. In the mist of planning I made sure to have had great communication with the ranch to make sure funds were squared away and hired a videographer.  Having photography and videography is important for keepsakes and content for future trips. Making sure to do all of these things will ensure a great girls trip!